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Volume 7 -

Issue 2 - 2020

Royal Studies Journal

Volume 7, Issue 2


Special Issue: Gender and Monarchy

Guest-edited by: Rosalind Dixon, Lachlan Peake, and Veronica Sebesfi


7.2 Production Staff


Elena Woodacre


Production Lead:

Aidan Norrie


Editorial Assistant:

Sarah Stockdale


Chief Copy Editor:

Aidan Norrie


Copy Editors:

Aidan Norrie

Bex Lyons

Carolanne Boorman

Caroline Fleischauer

Charlotte Liebelt

Courtney Herber

Ellie Woodacre

Emma Wells

Erika Graham-Goering

Guillermo Arquero

Helder Carvalhal

Louise Tingle

Lucy Dean

Lynsey Wood

Mindy Williams

Wouter Wagemakers


Layout Editors:

Diana Pelaz Flores

Sanne Frequin


Layout Assistants:

Andrea McMillin

Diana Pelaz Flores

Emily Henry

Gabrielle Storey

Jonathan Triffitt

Katia Wright

Lynette White

Sanne Frequin


Proofreading Editor:

Shayna Devlin



Carolyn Harris

Kathleen Neal

Kristin Geaman

Phyllis Jestice

Shayna Devlin


Book Reviews Editor:

Stephen Donnachie


Assistant Book Review Editor:

Philippa Woodcock


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