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Reading: Womersley, James II: The Last Catholic King (Penguin, 2015).


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Womersley, James II: The Last Catholic King (Penguin, 2015).


Hannah Jane Thomas

Durham University, GB
About Hannah

Hannah Thomas is a qualified archivist and early modern historian, specialising in post-Reformation Catholicism in the British Isles. Her PhD (Swansea University, 2014) analysed the extensive Welsh Jesuit missionary library in Hereford and beyond, and its links with the national and international Catholic community. Hannah is currently the holder of a post-doctoral fellowship at the Centre for Catholic Studies, Durham University, and is interested in death, dying and burial in the exiled communities of English women religious; Welsh Catholicism in the post-Reformation era; and Catholic uses of libraries and collections of appropriate reading material. 

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Review of Womersley's mini-biography of King James II, published in the Penguin Monarchs series.
How to Cite: Thomas, H.J., 2017. Womersley, James II: The Last Catholic King (Penguin, 2015).. Royal Studies Journal, 4(1), pp.66–67. DOI:
Published on 06 Jun 2017.


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